Masterclass: Wednesday 22.10.19 at 18:00.  Ana and Elvira will talk about there works.

Festive Closing of International Residency: 24/10/19  at 19:30 showing works of the artists 

They will be our artist-in-residence for the month of October as part of a collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Tel Aviv.

Ana Hillar For centuries, ceramics and mosaics have been used as tools through which men transmitted their feelings, ideas, and perceptions of time. The meanings of the aesthetics and the terminology used to describe it may have changed, however the materials remain constant. The artists use clay and mosaic to tell a poetic story where beauty prefers sights to screams when telling about all its inner energy.

Elvira Keller Her intimate poetic, firstly inspired by cosmic spaces, takes then its inspiration from natural and phytomorphic shapes, like palms and Mediterranean pines that decorate Naples itself, but even houses, buildings and other architectural structures, ranging from human creations to the Nature’s ones. After a long trip in Vietnam she is exploring the world of unstable architectures and structures built on fragile pillars, such as stilt houses.