Elvira Keller • PROJECTS


Collaborations and limited series for specific projects.

Ristorante Da Gorini

A special series of grès stoneware, created according to the specifications of Chef Gianluca Gorini for his new restaurant in San Piero in Bagno di Romagna.

MIER Bistrot Rimini

A special series of grès stoneware for MIER Concept Place, a bistrot, crafters gallery and coworking space in Rimini.


FACE is the acronym for Fiorenza, Andrea, Cristina ed Elvira. It took four artists and eight hands to create a unique work, made of many small tiles.

Elvira Keller progetto Gioielli Gemelli

Gioielli Gemelli

A collective project, born from the artistic town twinning between the german town of Schwäbisch Gmünd, famous for its world-class goldsmiths just like Faenza is knows for its master ceramic artists.



showroom, workshop and store



Prize Competitions and Exhibitions



site specific and scupltures

Elvira Keller serie limitate e progetti site specific


collaborations and limited series